We provide thorough insight into the world of esthetics and all knowledge required for future work for all students. This training implies theory, practicing on live models, and assistance of master in the following period, through application supported by Android and IOS, as well as coming to the Academy, where you could, next to a master, perfect the technique of microblading on live models, and in that way become ready for future work. We would also become certain that you would provide high-quality service to the future clients.


It shall draw on the basis of skill of microblading, transfer of theory, practical application of treatments and basic working rules. The training lasts for two days – the first day being the theoretical part and practice on the simulation of skin, whereas the second day implies working on live model.

Microblading is a skill acquired by practicing it itself. Therefore, the most important thing during the first day is to master how to practice properly. Throughout the entire training we learn how to perform the treatment, how long does it take, to form the shapes in accordance with the proportions and with the help of a divider of golden section, to form symmetry, to work on skin with the already existing permanent make-up, to get to know the problems of skin, colours that are used, the importance of post-treatment process and cases in which microblading technique cannot be performed.

Working on the simulated skin implies proper use of divider, drawing of shape on precise points, proper connecting, contouring little hair with a micro-blade, getting to know the basic problems which occur when contouring and solving those problems.
The second day of training is very important because the students start working on a live model. Thanks to our help and supervision, they acquire the sense for pressure. It also entails the preparation of a client, contouring shapes based on the sculpture of face and golden section, measuring symmetry, proper skin tightening, contouring of little hairs, filling hairs with a paint

COOPERATION AFTER THE TRAININGIf you want to come and observe how we perform the treatments upon your completed training, you have the opportunity to book your coming when agreed with us. Those arrivals are included in price of the training itself, as well as coming to practicing, as mentioned in the beginning.

Upon completed training, everyday communication continues by sending your work.

ToThat gives you the opportunity to ask questions at any moment, to exchange experiences and solve problems you come across throughout practicing. At the very end of training you receive a Certificate of Participation.

You get the certificate on the acquired skill when you absolutely master everything upon completed training.

All attender of Moa Academy get a starter kit, with all necessary material, essential for practicing and future work, regardless of the level of training, being starting or professional course.


Besides basic course, we have courses for the microblading technique artist already working, as well as for all of those who still want to improve themselves in their work.

Perfection training

Branching taining

Shading training

Education in the field of mictropigmentting is organized in our studio on the following address: 239 Bulevar oslobodjenja Belgrade and Vardarskoj 1c Novi Sad. We offer both group and individual trainings.

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