MOA PMU is a unique concept of training for permanent make-up.
It represents an international platform for exchange of knowledges and skills in the permanent make-up industry.

We implement in our trainings innovations from the world of permanent make-up, and through interactive work we provide every attender safe entry into the business sector of this branch of esthetics.


– We direct attention to practical work and precision

– We perceive the advantages of work in small groups as well as individual needs of attenders

– We deal with your personal development

– We teach you how to cherish a continuous relationship with clients

– Our mutual goal are our successful results

MOA PMU concept consists of 3 MODULES:





1st day- Theory

Introductory meeting, Getting to know the MOA PMU concept, Responsibility of permanent make-up, Hygiene and working space set up, Indications and counter indications, Post-treatment care, Documentation (photo-documentation), Theory of colours (pigments applied), Explaining about working tools, Getting to know the working machine, Drawing technique (eyes and lips), Skin lifting technique, Working on latex (simulated skin), Evaluation (summary of the day).

2nd day – Practical part – Eyeliner

Working on latex, Drawing technique, Skin lifting technique, Working on live mode, Evaluation

3rd day – Practical part – Lips

Working on latex, Drawing technique, Lips contouring and shading, Skin lifting technique, Working on live model, Evaluation

All our trainings provide all necessary material
Upon completed training you get MOA Certificate on Participation.
You also get a MOA Starter Kit for you independent work.
In the following 6 months we follow your work providing constant online support.

After a number of successful works on live models, when you have successfully mastered the drawing technique of eyeliner and lips, you get a Certificate of MOA PMU Artist (MOA Permanent make-up Artist).


Congratulations, you have become a MOA PMU Artist and now it is time for the next step in your careers. Perfection level of training provides professional improvement in the field of permanent make-up.
It is aimed at artists with experience of working with clients.
Upon completing it, every attender takes final exam and get a certificate of successful training.


We provide for all attenders of MOA trainings a participation in the ultimate module of MOA concept.
You acquire the rank of MOA MASTER through active and practical learning.
After mastering this level, we offer all participants cooperation in the form of joining our team. The opportunity to become MOA Educators for future generations of MAKEOVER ACADEMY students represents the peak of your progress.
Welcome to the team that creates success.
We are here to make plans into achievements together.

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